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-> Welcome to the website of Hans-Werner Mühle, conference interpréter

Translator and Interpreter in Strasbourg, Baden – Baden, Karlsruhe and Freiburg
Today, optimal communication across language borders has become more important than ever. Be it your presentation, negotiations,business talks, international conference or a meeting of an international works council , communication, translation and interpreting should be left in the hands of a team of experienced professional conference interpreters.
25 years’ experience in the field of conference interpreting at the highest level allow me to offer excellent language and communication skills and the best possible organization of professional teams of interpreters for your international event.

Services offered
- interpreting bilateral and multilateral talks, negotiations, interpreting for delegations
- consulting and organization of international events
- simultaneous interpreting at international conferences and meetings
- recruiting of professional teams of interpreters
- communication technologies, booths for simultaneous interpreting, microphones  and headsets written translations

Any questions?
Please contact me:
Hans-Werner Mühle
Phone: +33 (0)3 88 06 20 44
Mobile: +33 6 08 07 18 30
7a, rue des jardins
67410 Drusenheim

Further information
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- Quality
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